Grilled Potatoes

 A great accompaniment to grilled meat of any kind, beef, fish, chicken or pork. Prepare, cook and serve all in the same container, no cleanup.


3 potatoes sliced thin

1 medium onion sliced


aluminum foil

salt and pepper


green pepper, 2 slices of bacon chopped, minced garlic for example

Spray your foil and pile the sliced potatoes in the center, top with onions season with salt and pepper. Top with green pepper or bacon or whatever you have chosen for garnishes or leave plain then top with pats of butter. If using bacon omit the butter. Sprinkle with a special seasoning such as Baldridge Seasoning. Bring the sides up and roll to seal tight so your bundle won’t leak when you turn it on the grill. Fold the ends in tight.

Grill over medium heat or coals 45 minutes turning every 15 minutes. When ready to serve make a 2″ slit near the fold to let the steam out then unfold the seam and serve right out of the bundle.


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