Quilts and Quilting Services

All of the quilts listed here are for sale. Each listing will have its own details and photos. I will be glad to answer any questions you might have on any quilts shown here or will direct you to the quilter if a guest has submitted one. I don’t make duplicates of full quilts but will take special orders of similar quilts.

I do handquilt all of my quilts and do custom handquilting.

My rates for finishing quilt tops~ .03 cents per square inch for quilting and basting.  If there is marking to be done I don’t charge for that; binding is $30 if you send your binding fabric.  For whole cloth quilts the quilting goes by the thread used and that charge is $1.25 per yard of thread. Feel free to call and discuss an estimate. I also finish quilt tops if you are one of those fortunate enough to have inherited blocks.  I would love to visit about your good fortune anytime.  Contact cabinannie@hotmail.com for a phone number

Please wash and press your backing and binding fabric if your top fabrics were washed.  I will provide the batting free to you for the prividege of using my choice of which we will discuss at the time of your order. 

I do have access to a machine quilter if you are interested in that service also.


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