Cottonwood Tree Ranks Among the Largest?

The older we get the more we cherish our memories and want to share them with anyone who we think might be interested. I for one am very interested in others childhood stories especially generations older than myself. Right now there are actually some of them left.

            Whether my parents just happened to live at the right place or God’s will I don’t question but where I grew up I couldn’t have loved more. Put this country girl/tomboy on a cattle ranch situated in a wide valley; divided in half by a rambling river only a stones throw from her upstairs bedroom window and you have made her one happy girl. Give her a red and white paint horse named Dixie to ride anytime she wanted and permission to ride anywhere she wanted and she was in heaven.

            This spring I was able to go back to that little spot of heaven for a visit, although time has taken it’s toll some things stay the same. A friend and I took a trip back in time as we toured the place where I spent my childhood. When we topped the hill of ‘my’ valley, my heart started beating just a little faster and as we started down the hill and the river came in view I audibly sighed. One really can go home again after all. Oh, I admit it’s not the same but those heartstrings still felt a tug.

Cottonwood Tree with 21 foot circumference

            One of the main things I wanted to check out was a cottonwood tree that as a child was the biggest tree I ever saw. Well, it’s still the biggest Cottonwood tree I’ve ever seen. At the base it measures 21 plus feet and five feet up it measures 19 feet around. That’s me holding the measuring tape. My Mother, two sisters and myself tried one time and could not reach around it.


            The local Girl Scouts used to have their campouts just across the fence from the tree and every year we used to see how many of us it took to reach around the tree.  

            It wasn’t just my family that loved that tree. The ranch was located 1 ¼ miles from Mullen, NE and the river was a source of entertainment for many of the town folks. People floated the river; fished for trout and just simply enjoyed its beauty my tree being part of it.


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