My Story

Growing up on a ranch, within a short dash of the Middle Loup River to spend my hot summer days in, taught me a love of  Mother Nature; a love and respect for something that is put here for us to enjoy as long as we either take care of it or take care because of it. My siblings, 2 sisters and a younger red-headed brother, had free reign of heaven right here on earth. With the river came all sorts of animals to watch, whitetail and mule deer, coyotes and the rare bobcat sighting for the larger animals. Of course we had the normal smaller critters like raccoons, porcupines skunks and even a few mink.

If we were quiet enough while floating down the river we would be treated to a mother duck nervously introducing her babies to the world out of the grasses.  Every once in a while of course we had the not so welcome visitors such as snakes and leatherback turtles but as long as we avoided them they didn’t seem to pay near as much attention to us as we did to them. I ‘m sure they were just as nervous seeing us after all we were invading their territory but they didn’t scream or act silly as we did or do you suppose they did? How would we know, I never saw a screaming snake or turtle, have you? I wonder how they would act.

As I said it was heaven on earth growing up where I did and off and on I will relate stories about my experiences.  I still live in the country only now my husband Bob and I live in a cabin at a Reservoir right in the middle of a Wildlife Habitat Area. We still see the same animals for the most part only now occasionally a mountain lion is reported to have been seen around, thank goodness not by me. We have enough neighboring cabins that it would be a rarity for one to come close to our homes. We do have wild turkeys and deer walk across our front lawn quite often to our delight. The deer don’t make pests of themselves, no garden raiding, they just took a wrong turn and ended up in our yard instead of the hills. 


 Quite a variety of birds frequent our front yard including larger ones like the turkeys, often geese and blue hereon can be seen.

Boy what a surprise for the turkeys they were early or late, I’m not sure but the food is sure gone.  This photo is taken at our dock 100 yards from our cabin.

Our two sons are grown and have families of their own so we are free once again to do as we please being retired and lazy. Spoiling our 4 grandchildren is tops on the list of course. You will become familiar with them as the time goes by be sure of that.

Growing up with the freedom allowed  and still living in the country is my dream come true and probably why I consider myself a free spirit. I tend to march to my own drum and I sincerely hope you do also.


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