Wax Paper Mailing Envelopes

I learned of this on a  great site I frequent called http://thriftyfun.com and I couldn’t wait to try it. If you are a card maker, you can save money on envelopes by making your own.   This is the one I got from http://thriftyfun.com Grab a roll of wax paper and make your own. You will need an envelope template or just cut it out free-handed.

The first example has pink stationery inserted and the second has white stationery.  


This last one shows the white with a special touch of the green ribbon I used snips of between the waxed paper.

You can put glitter, stickers, dried flowers, or anything you like between the sheets of waxed paper. Just be careful when you melt the sheets together. You could heat the paper with a high powered hair dryer, embossing gun, or your iron. They make beautiful and cheap envelopes. Use your patter to cut out your envelope.

I found that I had to use stick glue to make the label stick. The envelopes are pretty fragile so I would use heavy paper for writing on for support if you plan to mail your waxed paper envelope.


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