Shelf Scarf from Antique Hankies

Antique Hankies

length of muslin or fabric

Sewing machine



 Measure the length and width of the shelf or dresser you are making the scarf for and add ½ inch both directions for ¼ inch seams.

 Cut two pieces of muslin or other plain fabric that length.

 With right sides together and starting on the short end sew across the short end down the long side and across the short end, leaving one long side open. If you want points on the ends just sew down one long side. With this same pattern you could make a table runner just continue the points all the way around the muslin.

 Turn right side out and press. Fold ¼ hem under on unfinished edges and press.

 Divide your long piece of fabric by whatever size blocks you want your scrap points to be. Example a 60-inch mantle could have 12 five-inch blocks or 5 twelve inch blocks, 10 six inch blocks or 6 ten blocks. Remember each square you make will make two points. You can decide on how many and how big by the length of your scarf. They don’t have to come clear to the end and they can overlap, it is your project and it is up to you. The first one I made was made of antique hankies with the points folded in half; the folded line was sewn into the seam so I didn’t have to cut the hankies.

 Remember for example – a 5-inch block on the diagonal with be 7 inches across so you can overlap the corners of the blocks. You wouldn’t have to overlap, that is your choice.

 Once you have your point blocks cut out, hem all four sides, press and cut in half diagonally; for hankies just press in half.

 Now lay your triangle points between your pressed edges of muslin then go back and pin in place adjusting as you go. Carefully sew a 1/8-inch seam finishing your scarf and securing your points in place.

 These make wonderful valances as you can see in my photo. These hankies were my late mothers I wanted to display. One could use heavier fabrics such as velvet or drapery samples instead of muslin what ever fits your needs.


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