Hand Towel Apron

For a useful gift that is easy and inexpensive, try this towel apron. I love giving them and using mine. Approximate Time: maybe an hour Supplies: Hand towel or small bath towel 1/2 yard of 2 matching fabrics 24 inches of cording or shoestring Large button Velcro dots or button Sewing machine Instructions: Whether using a hand towel or half bath towel measure across the end of the towel and cut a piece of your matching fabric that width plus 1/2 for hemming by 17 inches. The 1/2 yard of 36 inches or 42 inches of fabric should make two aprons. Lay your fabrics wrong sides together. Go by the fabric layout photo or blow up the layout for your pattern and cut out the top of your apron from both fabrics. Cut the pocket out of the neck-opening piece. You could make the straps a few inches longer by sewing a strip on and tying instead of using Velcro or button and buttonhole closure. If you do this you won’t want to make the curve as deep as this one is. After you get your top part cut out sew the two fabrics together all around but the bottom edge, turn right side our and press. Slide the towel into the top 1/2 then pin and sew across close to fabric edge. Then make another seam 1/2 way from the first seam to hold the towel from rolling. (If you used a hand towel this second seam is not needed.) Hem your pocket all the way around, place it where you want and sew on your hem seam around leaving the top open. Attach a large button to one side at waist height and one end of your cording at the same point on the opposite side. Sew on your Velcro or add a buttonhole and button for closure. The pattern is very adjustable, if you want it longer just add to the bottom of the 17 inch fabric length but keep the neckline the same.


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