Childs’s Apron

Child’s Apron

Enjoy cooking with your little ones in their very own apron. Feel free to personalize with the child’s name or picture. My granddaughter and I love to cook together so I made this one for her.



1 hand towel

1 child’s tee shirt

Sewing machine

Bias tape

Cut hand towel in half, lay aside. Cut the top of apron according to picture using the neck opening for the neck of your apron. I chose to make a narrow shoulder but the picture shows a narrow and wide cutting line marked with a sharpie.


After cutting out the tee shirt top lay it out flat, align the half hand towel cut side next to the bottom of the tee shirt bottom. Gather the hand towel to match the width of the tee shirt. Stitch the hand towel to hold gathers. Pin the towel to the back of the tee shirt so you can sew on the hemline of the tee shirt and through the gathering stitching on your towel.

Fold your bias tape over the raw edges of the tee shirt starting where the towel and tee shirt join, stitch around to the other towel/tee shirt joint and cut even with the towel. Attach the same bias tape for the ties or use tie material of your choice.


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