ZERO Welfare in Your County?

NOW HEAR THIS!!! NOW HEAR THIS!!! Your County, USA has ZERO Welfare and ZERO Unemployment. Wouldn’t that be the greatest headline! It certainly is something to aim for isn’t it? Just think of the pride you would have to be the first county to attain such a goal. Your county could be a model for your whole state and mine. For that matter a model for the whole country! This is a nation wide problem but the solution has to start somewhere. There has to be a better system than our current one; ideas need to be shared to come up with the right solution, here is one possibility I feel could work. When applying for welfare or unemployment why not give the person INSTANT EMPLOYMENT. They would still get their needed money but along with that pay they would get a job and personal pride. Pride that they are earning their money. When they sign up for unemployment they would be assigned to the county, city or state for a 40-hour a week job. If they want the money let them work for it, they work 8 hours they get paid for 8 hours they work 40 hours they get paid for 40 hours. The money would come from the welfare and unemployment office. The more they work the more they get paid and the more pride they take in them selves. Sounds simple doesn’t it; it is when you think about it. Many families have been on “hand me down welfare” for generations. They think that is the normal way of life. Somewhere that needs to stop. You can be the one to stop the hand me down welfare and or unemployment that has plagued many families for generations and instill pride back in these Americans. Single parent families- how can a single parent on welfare with no job teach their children to be a proud person? To take responsibility of their lives. Lets help that child gain that pride and responsibility by helping his or her parent gain pride and responsibility in them selves. Lets help them find a job instead of rewarding them for not working. When parents are asked to visit school and share their occupation and it comes to that child whose parent is on welfare and unemployed how do you suppose he or she feels. Where is the pride in that? What if that child could say my dad or mom just got a job or bought a car instead of hiding behind the son or daughter of their friends too embarrassed to be called on. If you want to grow corn you first have to plant that seed. You water and nurture that seed into healthy stalks that produce more seed. In turn that seed repeats the process, but it can’t without your help. You let that kernel lay there and it does nothing. It is the same with our welfare and unemployment system. The systems were grown and then put on the shelf to take care of them selves. They simple don’t meet today’s demands. They aren’t working to the success that they were supposed to. Through the years the  seed corn has been improved over and over to better meet our demands. We need to rework the welfare and unemployment systems to better meet the demands of our people. The New Orleans hurricane disaster is a perfect example of hand me down welfare and unemployment. Family after family had known no other way of life. After the hurricane thousands were relocated; they took their hand me down way of life with them. What if they could have taken PRIDE with them in the form of a trade or skill. Think of the asset they would have been to those states that took them in. Instead they took with them welfare and unemployment that could have been avoided. It is estimated that the crime rate doubled in these areas after they were saturated with people with too much time on their hands and nothing constructive to do. People that could have been assets if only they could have been given “instant” jobs. This could be the greatest tax refund our country has ever seen. A refund of pride for all those effected. Pride in ones self, their family and their country. A benefit of this kind would benefit every single person of the United States. Everyone knows how good it makes them feel to help others, this change in your county should be contagious and a great thing to pass on to all the counties of your state and all the states of the United States. Who knows how far it could go? We need to start somewhere, why not your county and mine? As I said this is one idea, maybe you have a better one, we have to make some changes and someone has to have the idea to get the ball rolling.

I realize there are those who need financial help but there are better ways to help than welfare.  That is my opinion!


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