How I saved $45 walking in the rain

That’s right I made $45 at least this morning, got a little wet doing it but it was well worth it. Now I don’t get paid to walk, if only, wouldn’t that be great. I picked up somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 dozen nightcrawlers and at $3 a dozen that’s $45 I saved by not having to buy them for my fishing this summer. OK it’s creepy to some but it’s worth it to me when we sit down to a mess of those fresh fried fish. Hey, besides that someone has to feed the fish and lots of them eat the worms off my hooks without me catching them so that is a good deed I am doing, right?

So far the buried cooler is working, this morning’s catch went in the cooler and that will be all it will hold I think; there was already 5 or 6 dozen in it. They are working on the rhubarb leaves I put in a few days ago, I will put something else in the next day or two. Worms are vegetarian and love anything fresh from the garden just don’t give them anything dairy or meat.  Also will add some dry bedding to help soak up some of their ‘moisture’.  Shredded newspaper works well and a good way to recycle, a green living tip also! 

So get out there and gather some worms. No? Then just get out there and walk, enjoy Mother Nature and her wonders. Remember she speaks many languages, see how many you can hear-


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